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Oxford is Alaska’s only coin shop & numismatic coin dealer with locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Have you wondered where to sell your coin collection, or perhaps where to buy coins for your collection? You can count on Oxford for all of your needs. We have been the premier Anchorage and Fairbanks coin shop & numismatic coin dealer since 1980. We provide services via our storefronts where you can buy, sell, and trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins from around the world.

Oxford offers a variety of United States numismatic coins in various grades and price ranges. Including but not limited to:

Liberty $20 Cornet Head Gold Coin – ($20 Libs)

Produced by the U.S. Mint for more than 50 years (1850-1907), the $20 Liberty Gold Coin is highly valued among collectors.

Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins

As one of the most sought after old gold coins on the market today produced by the U.S. Mint from 1907-1933 and named after it designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens it is regarded as one of the most beautiful U.S. coins minted.

Liberty $10 Gold Coins

As one of the longest-running gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint from 1838-1907, the $10 Lib is a must-have for every collection. Since every coin is over 100 years old, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially in high-quality Mint State grades.

$10 Indian Head Gold Coins

Produced just after the turn of the century, the $10 Indian was incredibly popular during its day. $10 Indians were only produced for 26 years (1907-1933), and coins in pristine condition are becoming difficult to acquire.

Liberty $5 Gold Coins

Produced by the U.S. Mint for nearly 70 years (1839-1908) the $5 Lib is a popular choice amongst collectors. As they were highly traded back in the day, a majority of coins are in poor condition; however, limited numbers of high-quality coins can still be found.

$5 Indian Head Gold Coins

Minted in the early 1900s and only produced for a short time (1908-1929), the $5 Indian is a popular choice for collectors, even if it is in poor condition.

Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins

Referred to as the Classic Head Quarter Eagle, the U.S. Mint produced the $2.5 lib from 1840-1907.  Widely popular among collectors, the $2.5 Liberty is a must-have.

$2.50 Indian Head Gold Coins

The U.S. Mint produced the $2.5 Indian from 1908-1929. Most coins have been damaged or lost over the years and finding a $2.5 Indian in pristine condition will likely be a chore and come at a high premium.

We also offer current issue Gold Eagle Proof Coins as well as various gold commemorative coins.

Morgan Silver Dollar

Minted from 1878-1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar has held its own for more than 100 years. It was produced at various mints, including Carson City, and can be found in nearly every collector’s hoard.

Peace Dollars

The U.S. Mint produced silver Peace Dollars from 1921-1935. Designed by Anthony de Francisci as a symbol of peace after World War 1, the obverse features a bald eagle at rest clutching an olive branch. Considered a piece of American history, the Peace Dollar was the last U.S. coin containing silver produced for circulation purposes.

We also offer 90% U.S. Junk silver including, Kennedy half dollars, Franklin half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Seated Liberty half dollars, Barber Half dollars, Washington quarter dollars, Standing Liberty quarter dollars, Barber quarter dollars, Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Barber dimes as well as Proof Silver Eagles and silver commemorative coins.

Many coins are loose and certified coins are graded by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) or PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service.) From rare coins to modern-day collectibles, we have it all!

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Visit or call our coin shop and talk to one of our specialists who can help you buy or sell gold and silver numismatic coins. Buying, selling, or trading – Oxford provides the service, value, honesty, and integrity that Alaskans have counted on for generations.